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Working from Home?

For those who are unaware I am NZ based, and have worked from home for about ten years. NZ is on lockdown & a lot more people will be 'joining' me in working from their own homes.

Other countries may find themselves doing the same soon if not already.

Below are some tips on working from home that may be useful.


Create a workspace for work (if you can) # # - personally even if home alone I close the door to my workspace. Somehow it makes me feel I've left home for work. I sometimes juggle my time around a shiftworker & a toddler, so I do have to relocate on occassion & usually I move to a room with a door.


Communicate - use Skype, Teams, zoom, messenger, phones or cellphones to keep in touch with others.


Hours of work - your employer will have certain hours you are expected to work so this part is easy. Slightly harder is making sure those you are with understand you do need to work at these times.


Take breaks - set a timer if you have to. It definitely helps to regularly get up, move around, stretch or exercise.


Finish time - it is so easy working from home to lose track of the time. Schedule your finish time & stick to it, turn off the computer & walk away from work.


Be flexible where you can be with your schedule, don't be to hard on yourself & stay safe.

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