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Centralize your processes. Revolutionize your business.

Seamlessly scale by leveraging intelligent automation.

The future has arrived. Developed by world leading AI and Machine Learning specialists working with OLC CargoWise consultants, Raft is the solution to handle documentation requirements whilst freeing your operations members to focus on their core roles.

Ready to get started?


Let Raft do the thinking for you.

Eliminate manual entry errors and omitted data - regardless of the document type.
Let Raft validate document data against data in CargoWise and significantly reduce data entry for your team.

Reimagine your operations.

Transforming your operations has never been this simple.

Raft integrates into your existing operations for , easy effortless deployment.



Use automation to effortlessly scale every aspect of your business by reducing costs and turnaround times, introducing standardization, ensuring accuracy, and ultimately serving your customers more efficiently and effectively.

  • Automatically extract clean field-level data from any email, document (PDF, JPG, TIF, XLS, CSV), or data source (API, EDI)

  • Lift complex line item detail across invoices and packing lists, down to SKU, lightning fast

  • Raft's human-enhanced ML learns from your operator actions to get faster and smarter

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With customizable access, your teams and co-workers can see automated updates in real time—rapidly removing delays in communication and steadily increasing ROI.

  • Bring branches and teams together to drive impact

  • Collaborate effectively organization-wide to get a clear picture of all your work

  • Flex control between roles, ensuring granularity and security with permission levels

  • Customize machine-learning and document editing preferences

  • Streamline your workflow with more nuanced approvals

  • Manage users for operational efficiency and productive performance



Provide an unmatched level of service and partnership to customers with vastly more comprehensive and convenient data, at your fingertips. Build trust by better managing expectations, anticipating needs, and offering data-driven solutions. Plus, save costs and increase efficiencies across internal operations.

  • See a centralized view of all document processing taking place across your company, resulting in a live ROI report

  • See deeper insights into the causes and blockers of performance at team and individual levels to make data-driven decisions about process improvements

  • Get a clear view into the variations between team and locations’ performance against standard company KPIs, including P&L

  • Preemptively avoid conflict by maintaining accuracy and transparency in the issuance of payments to creditors


The future is within your reach.

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