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Projects refers to clients engaging OrangeLime Consulting to manage a project through to completion. These projects range from smaller, specific requirement projects through to large full scale implementation projects.


OrangeLime Consulting has developed it's own set of Workshops, designed to give clients targeted, intensive learning and fluency in a variety of modules and functions. These are ideal for clients who want to upskill rapidly at a lower cost than traditional consulting.


This refers to a client engaging OrangeLime Consulting to customize a specific Document and/or Report - these customizations may be independent engagements, or part of a project.


OrangeLime Consulting has the experience, know-how, industry knowledge and foresight to develop independent solutions for our clients. From Apps to Webbased Systems, we're able to design, develop and deploy fully customized solutions.

Consulting refers to clients engaging OrangeLime Consulting in a capacity that facilitates us providing expert advice and consultation around one or a series of client current experiences. Generally, the client is seeking to change their current experience. The client would often then manage the change themselves, or if required - could engage OLC in a short term project to deliver the consulted outcome.

OLC Peace of Mind

For those clients wanting regular contact with OLC, for example monthly. We make a committment to be in your office for 1/2 or 1 day per month. We engage with your staff in Q&A where needed. Discuss with your super users the new functionality and how it can be deployed. And talk with your team about pain points they may be experiencing and discuss methods for solving them.


Training refers to the clients engaging OrangeLime Consulting to perform, often module and function specific, training for their users or a group of users.


We provide a suite of Business
Intelligence (BI) reporting tools, allowing our clients to create visually stunning, easily customization reports and publish them online, to their clients.


OrangeLime Consulting is able to manage your integration projects with your trading partners. With out network of highly trained, experiences technical professional, managing integrations with your clients is pain free.
We have managed successful integrations with major retails, manufacturers, other logistics providers - into and out of our clients systems.

OLC Expert Assist

Clients wanting specialized support over and above the traditional support. This support is provided in monthly blocks that clients can draw on to ask the OrangeLIme Consultants specific scenario based questions. The OLC team then prepare detailed answers that include, where appropriate, set up and 'how to' information.


Health Checks are a system review, where our consultants review (in brief) your current processes and system set ups. Often these take the form of a questionnaire that is targeted to your business and it's specific operating environment.
OrangeLime Consulting has developed as global benchmarking method that allows, in confidence, your results to be compared with those of other industry peers.