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A word to the Wise # 1 2020

What a strange time we are currently in. I don't think anyone can say that the Covid-19 situation hasn't had an effect on them in some way.

Firstly I'd like to express how grateful I am that the forwarding and logistics industry already has at its fingertips, in CargoWise One, a solution that allows you to keep in touch with minimal contact from virtually anywhere.

This first word to the wise for the year is to share with you my personal top five features of CW1 which could be beneficial at the present time. (Please note - I am not a salesperson for WTG, if you are not already using the below modules refer to your Relationship Manager at WiseTech Global for current pricing information).

Edocs - use edocs anywhere you can - edoccing reduces the physical paperflow (and therefore the number of people touching said paper) and improves the visibility should people need to work from remote locations

E2E - if you are keying the job in at your end, use e2e to share the job with your agents and vice versa. This will reduce the amount of time needed to rekey job information (and if you and your agent are edocing as well you are reducing paperflow)

Webtracker - Now is a great time to finally get your customers using webtracker. Promote to your customers the ability to place and track orders online.

Workflow Manager - for those whom are already using workflow manager you have the luxury of a system in place that should a key staff member be unavailable that someone else can easily see what needs to be done and carry on the work.

Campaign Manager - Keep in touch using Campaign Manager - from what I hear in the community rates are currently all over the place and bookings are constantly changing - utilise campaign manager to quickly broadcast changes.

WTG have short training videos available in the My Account area of their website. If you prefer to just get something up and running let me know and one of our consultants can come through and set things up and train you on how to use any of the above. Depending on location we may have onsite training available, alternatively we do have remote training options if restrictions are in place in your area.

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