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OLC Lands in the UK

We're excited to have Difference Delivered join the OLC Family

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July 6, 2017 - With immediate effect, OrangeLime Consulting is expanding into the UK/EU.

This move to support our global client base and expand our global reach has been achieved with an
existing WiseService Partner, Difference Delivered, becoming part of the OrangeLime Consulting
brand and network.

Carsten Steinmetz, Director of Difference Delivered Ltd. will remain as Director of OrangeLime
Consulting UK/EU. Clients can expect to experience no change in service quality with the name change.
In the medium and long term, however, clients will be able to take advantage of increased support
from their WiseService Partner through an increased global reach and pool of industry professional

Shane D'Aprile – Director OLC AU comments:

We’re excited to have Difference Delivered join our brand. OrangeLime Consulting has made no
secret of its wanting to continue to drive superior results and service offerings for our customers
through an increased service capability, globally.

Carsten and I have known each other for a long period and share a lot of common values. It became
apparent that jointly we can provide an increase in service capability and competence to our

Carsten Steinmetz – Director OLC UK comments:

Both the Difference Delivered and OrangeLime Consulting brands have enjoyed rapid success on
different sides of the globe. This next chapter of our business is a fantastic opportunity to progress
our value proposition to our customers in the market. A large portion of our clients operate globally,
and it makes sense that we do to.

Shane and I discussed how we could jointly enhance value for our clients and rapidly concluded that
a united capability with shared resources, expertise and passion would be a step towards that

We look forward to sharing this new experience with our clients.

Shane can be contacted on: shane.daprile@olc.consulting
Carsten can be contacted on: carsten.steinmetz@olc.consulting