Projects start with a desired outcome. You know what has to be achieved and you’ve engaged OLC to work with you to achieve that outcome.

All projects, regardless of size and scale will run through phases:

  • Discovery & Needs Analysis

  • Solution Design

  • Business Acceptance & Testing

  • Implementation

Projects range in time frames from a few days to several months depending on the clients desired out comes, and the size of their organization.

OrangeLime Consulting has completed successful projects for our clients all over the world, covering a variety of requirements across a range of modules. Ranging from implementation through to highly customized business transformations

Many of our projects revolve specifically around WORKFLOW, a specialization which  we focus on. Workflow solutions allow clients to achieve massive productivity effects

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Short Term / Long Term - Outcome Focused Engagements


From Upskilling To Global Strategy

Typically short engagements, we offer training for those clients that are seeking personal training for their staff, or a team of staff. Training services often fulfill a need that arises from:

• New Staff joining the organization

• Refreshers for long term staff

• Training on new functionality that may have been released

Our staff that engage in training with clients are from the industry and accredited in all modules.  We understand how to deliver effective training using real life experience & relatable scenarios - ensuring that your staff get maximum benefit.

Providing great consulting requires a unique blend of systems knowledge, an understanding of process and people, and most importantly, a deep understanding of the industry and experience in that industry.



Working with Clients to Understand Their Business.

With years of experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to take your business to the next level. At OrangeLime Consulting, we combine our insights and skills to transform your processes and strategies, and in turn, your company.

Providing exceptional consulting requires a knowledge of not only CargoWise, but deep domain as well as an ability to bring additional assets to clients through our network of relationships, that extends far beyond simply the software.


We're an extension of our client’s business. Allowing them additional reach when required.

When our clients engage us to consult to them, they’re generally looking for one of a broad category of solutions;

• How to overcome a specific issue

• Design a solution that delivers business benefit

• Design Strategies for growth



Group Learning, Led by Experienced Trainers and Consultants.

More than training, workshops are delivered in an interactive group environment. 

Topic specific and led by one of our experienced team members, attendees are walked through topics in a clear guided method.

The structures of these courses follows a clear methodology:

  • Discuss: Where a topic is introduced and discussed

  • Demonstrate: Where the topic is shown within CargoWise by the presenter

  • Do: Where the participants then have a practical exercise to complete.



Flexible Online Learning

Interactive CargoWise courses covering multiple topic areas:
General Functions / Forwarding / Warehouse / Workflow + PAVE /
Transport / Accounting. Regional and Globally specific content.

  • Beginner to advanced courses

  • Scenario based learning

  • Targeted outcomes

  • Integrated knowledge tests

  • Compete with others on points Compete with

  • Learner Dashboards

  • Manager Dashboards

  • Goal setting and achievement reports



Visually Stunning Interactive Reports

Traditional reporting is bland and often time consuming to generate. Creating new reports can be a costly exercise, and maintaining those reports requires resources allocation that can often negatively impact overall productivity.

At OrangeLime Consulting, we’re able to give our clients the reporting tools to break away from traditional reports, exceed their client’s expectations and stand out from their competitors.

We provide a suite of Business Intelligence (BI) reporting tools that allow our clients to

• Create Visually Stunning and Interactive Reports / Visuals for internal and external use

• Customize and Create New Reports / Visuals for internal and external use

• Publish those reports online to their clients

• Extract the excel data behind the visuals


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