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  • First - Platinum WiseService Partner in the world, allowing superior service capabilities for our clients

  • First - To install PAVE (WiseTech Global's Productivity Solution) in a client site 

  • First - To Develop content rich Workflow Module Workshops to facilitate client fluency at lower costs

  • First - To Develop Global Productivity & Innovation Benchmarking methods for the CargoWise One community

  • First - To Deveop OLC Advantage Pricing, client friendly pricing structures. 

  • First - To Develop a dedicated user based support forum for our clients to enable their own growth at no cost to them


We do firsts, first. We do them before they get mainstream. We lead, we do not follow. We drive ourselves and our clients into tomorrow.


OLC is committed to our clients, our staff and our pursuit of being One. We call this OLC One. We mean profitable harmony in our client's people and processes through the use of their technology so that they act as one.

Our committment to OLC One is not just words, OLC demonstrates our belief in this concept in everything we do with a series of meaningful world firsts for our clients. These are drivers and support for our own OLC One focus