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The Core Operational Discipline for Freight Forwarders.


Freight forwarding is an art and a science. The art of coordinating international moves via a network of carriers and truckers which you've built over time. Navigating the rules of trade and commodities while the cargo moves.

The science of applying the right tools for each part of the job, whether that be the simple sending of a pre-alert of booking confirmation, or ensuring your edi data to trading partners is transmitted in a timely and complete manner.

Cargo provides powerful forwarding functionality for it clients. Our team are career freight forwarders with deep CargoWise expertise. Be it, Air / Sea / Rail or Road - Import or Export.

We've got you covered.


Pallets to FMCG.

Configuration is Key.


The warehousing discipline, within logistics can be considered easy to learn, but difficult to master. 


What separates high performance warehouse from others is not always a lack knowledge. It is often configuration of the asset (The warehouse and associated operations) which impedes performance.


Cargowise provides its clients significant configuration to manage from simple warehouse operations, through to the most complicated with pick routing, cartonized trolley picking.

We have warehouse domain experts on our team. Warehousing not forwarding.

When sufficient is not enough get in touch.

Where All Paths Converge.


The first and last thing which touches the client - a long with being one of the most highly scheduled and regulated parts of the supply chain move.

Transport takes instructions and requirements from multiple internal and external points and executes. Coordinating these activities requires visibility. 

CargoWise provides clients that visibility to see the need and match it with a resource.

We're often amazed what transport operators can do in their heads. The trick is getting the system to do that form them to allow scalability and improved real time information flow.

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An Ever Changing Rule Set.


Crossing borders requires timed execution and compliant documentation, often communicated electronically.

Navigate the compliance requirements with CargoWise.

Let us help you stay compliant.

The Hub of Performance.


This is the point of operational difference which allows our clients to excel and deliver higher levels of service. 

Our reputation is built on this area of expertise:

  • We achieved platinum status years before any other partner

  • We present a partner conferences on this topic

  • We present at industry conferences along side WiseTech

  • We train other partners in workflow & PAVE


Workflow is not one thing. Workflow is a paradigm shift in how you work as it has the power to revolutionise and accelerate your business. Success comes from the partnership of OLC solutions and the business leaders driving change.

Contact us to see how we can help optimize your Workflow.


Get It Done Right.

Get It Done Fast.


One thing you want to get right your system setup is it.  Our team of consultants are well experienced on what to setup where and when so you can get this task out of the way quickly.


There are several steps that need to be taken to ensure you have the right framework in place. We’ll guide you through the process and handle the configuration so you can focus on the learning and get LIVE sooner.

Get set up fast with our help.


From Zero to Fully Implemented.

Tailored Execution of Implementation.

Go-Live projects begin by getting your CW1 system. Generally this is the base framework which may expand or change during the course of the projects.


These project then transition into a collaborative approach to achieving go-live. This involves identifying business requirements and designing solutions for each of the modules which will be used. Then planning and executing training for both module competencies and operational scenarios.


Finally the project moves into a go-live phase where training is put into action, and we transition to a support role. Parallel to those core steps is master data management and integrations requirements.

Begin your customised Go Live project with us.


Shipping Lines &

Shipping Agencies.

Bookings to Bills of Ladings, Container control to Container Detention.


Implementing Liner and Agency requires a lot of connection points between principals, slot operators, terminals, empty yards, port authorities and customs.


With very little margin for error – ensuring all the connection points are in place is critical to ensure a seamless transition to CargoWise.


See how we can work with you on this module


Win New Customers

And Keep Them.

Sales has evolved, its now about the entire client relationship – from the first contact to the last delivery. Effective management of client relationship engages all team members.


With the CargoWise CRM, you’re able to improve your pipeline funnel, and effortlessly manage your active opportunities. Reach a broader audience more efficiently and track communications within CargoWise. View and identify client intelligence which integrates not only sales data but also accounting and operations for a powerful client overview.


Highly configurable rate and tariff modules allow CargoWise to ensure those quoted rates, are the ones which are billed. This module is one of the most underutilized. It offers powerful functionality which allows you to leverage your own data.

Take full advantage of the toolkit you already have.


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