Machine AI Document Reading

Co-Pilot by Vector.AI

The future has arrived. Developed by world leading AI and Machine Learning specialists working with OLC CargoWise consultants, Co-Pilot is the solution to handle documentation requirements whilst freeing your operations members to focus on their core roles.


Multiple Document Types

  • Bills of Lading

  • Air Waybills

  • AP Invoices

  • Commercial Invoices

  • Multiple eDoc Types

Integrated with CargoWise

Co-Pilot is connected directly with your CargoWise system.

This allows Co-Pilot to read documents, validate data and populate data to CargoWise.


Increase Productivity

Eliminate manual entry errors and omitted data - regardless of the document type.

Let Co-Pilot validate document data against data in CargoWise and significantly reduce data entry for your team.

Speed is everything

Modern logistics service providers need to operate in an environment of real time data.  Time is Money.

Responding to client requirements and coordinating complex global moves.

If your team is burdened with data entry and document checks operational performance is impacted.


The Future Is Within Your Reach